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Support Small Business Now So We Can Thrive Again Later

 Like so many Small Business Owners, I’m tired. May 1st is here and Commercial Rent is due. 

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Government Support at <1% of Losses Won’t Save Small Businesses

 So far, aid for small businesses has largely been in the form of loans. With many sectors of the economy completely shut down for months, this has left small businesses with the incredibly cruel choice of going deeply into debt or closing the doors entirely. 

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Only 1 in 5 Landlords in Canada are Stepping Up to Offer Small Business Rent Relief Ahead of May 1st

With May 1 rents looming, thousands of small business owners across the country are upset that landlords are still not stepping up to offer them relief and help as they struggle to stay alive during the vicious economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.

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Why hasn't Doug Ford instituted a ban on evictions to save small businesses?

 In Save Small Business’s recent survey of over 2,000 business owners, 66 per cent said rent relief was the most important government support, with the CEBA loan and wage subsidies far behind. Fifty-two per cent said that without rent relief, their business would not survive. 

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'It's been devastating': Over half of Ontario tourism businesses shut down and some may never reopen

Ontario's tourism sector could be decimated by the COVID-19 pandemic, with well over half of all tourism businesses already temporarily closed and 16 per cent at risk of permanent closures, new survey results show.

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COVID-19 hits tourism businesses, costing Canadian cities millions in revenue

The cancellation of business conferences and conventions across the country is costing cities hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue as the COVID-19 pandemic devastates the tourism industry.

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COVID-19's impact on tourism far-reaching, says industry CEO

'Financial aid for seasonal operators is crucial right now'

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Chart On how Canada compares to Other Jurisdictions

Prepared by Save Small Business

See the Comparison here

Small Businesses Need Rent Relief Now

 Business owners in our neighbourhood and across the country are asking for real support after years of growing the economy, paying taxes, and employing over 70% of Canadians. We’ve shut our doors to protect public health, and now we need support, to protect local jobs and products. 

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‘The biggest thing this industry has ever faced’: Northern outfitters brace for COVID-19

 Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Excellent Adventures co-owner Faron Buckler had expected 25 Texan doctors to be loading their fishing gear onto floatplanes in Red Lake on Victoria Day weekend. They’d then lift off for lodges in the northern Ontario wilderness, hoping to bring home a trophy fish — or at least a good story about the one that got away. 

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Small businesses are demanding Ontario immediately stop commercial evictions

 Countless businesses have shut down in recent months after being kicked to the curb for failing to pay rent, and a growing movement is encouraging business owners and other residents to put pressure on the province to issue a commercial eviction halt. 

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France Launches $19 Billion Bailout for Ravaged Tourism Sector

 “Tourism is facing what is probably its worst challenge in modern history,” Prime Minister Edouard Philippe told a news conference. “Because this is one of the crown jewels of the French economy, rescuing it is a national priority.” 

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Toronto bar writes heartbreaking letter saying they're almost broken and can't survive

The landlord replied that the program wouldn't apply because he has a mortgage on that property, adding that "[he's] not getting into any government schemes" because "they never work."

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Toronto pizza joint shuts down after not getting rent relief from landlord

But unable to make May rent, she'd hoped that the property owner would apply to the Canada Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance (CECRA) program, which could have reduced Lambretta's rent by 75 per cent. 

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More than 80% of landlords in Canada not expected to enrol in CECRA rent relief program

Very few industries in Canada have been left untouched by the pandemic and consequent economic fallout, and small businesses owners are feeling the impact more drastically than others.

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Only one in ten commercial tenants who need help qualify for CECRA

With May rent due tomorrow, small business owners are very concerned about whether landlords will take up the Canada Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance program, according to new survey results from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB).

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Small businesses facing cash crunch as rent comes due amid coronavirus restrictions

With commercial rents due on Friday, and despite a federal program meant to help alleviate the burden, some business owners say they do not have enough money in the bank to cover what they owe.

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Could COVID-19 be the sinker?


“My losses for May alone will be $180,000,” said Betty McGie, CEO for Watson’s Algoma Vacations, which operates Pine Portage Lodge on Kaby Lake, 80 kilometres by air north of Wawa.

In an interview with the Sault Star, she said the losses will grow to $1.5 million if the lodge remains closed for the entire season.

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Editorial: Disastrous season predictions call for immediate tourism aid

 A leaked Destination Canada study prepared by McKinsay and Company suggests that more than 61,000 tourism businesses could close within two months, leading to more than 1.7 million layoffs. The same report indicates that more than 60 percent of tourism-based businesses are projected to run out of cash should this year’s summer season not materialize. That was as of March 27—and the outlook has not gotten any better in the interim. 

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